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“Clifford Photography went far beyond my expectations! Way more pictures than I expected and such good quality. We didn’t realize at the time all the different poses and angles and candid shots that were being taken and we loved all of them and were so happy to see our special day captured so well in photos! You made us feel comfortable and relaxed, which was important to us. You were fun to work with and kept us smiling, but you were also professional and adept at finding the right poses and giving us photo ideas. I love that you are a husband/wife team! You know great scenic parks and areas to take pictures in and are amazing at using and capturing the nature that surrounds your clients in their pictures. Your love of photography and love for people is evident, which has made it such a great experience for us to work with you.”
-Janelle & Silas, Married 2013










“We most recently used Rob and Angela as our wedding photographers and the results were phenomenal. The amount of time, care, and dedication they put in to their work is unmatched. Not only do they produce beautiful pictures but they are so personable that they feel like family and not just “photographers”. We can’t begin to describe how wonderful Robert and Angela Clifford are at what they do, nor can we recommend them enough. Their dedication and professionalism is unlike any photographers we have ever worked with. You arrive for your session or event and not only do they have settings and props ready to go, they have the ability to capture the most beautiful candid shots that have become some of our favorite photos. From their people skills to their ability to get even the crankiest baby to crack a smile and laugh, Robert and Angela Clifford are worth every cent and more!”
-Jennie & John, Married 2013

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“For our pre-wedding vision, I think we stereotyped the “photographers” in general (nothing personal!) as being an extra stress on the big day, “but the reward of getting the pictures would be worth it”. I don’t think we could have been more wrong though. There was absolute no stress, and in turn, much happiness! We didn’t even realize you were there half of the time. Everything was done with ease and professionalism. You were close friends to us and professional photographers, creative and crisp, timeless and time aware. We admired how good of a team you were. One helping with posing us, and the other taking pictures, or vice versa. We think one thing that makes you stand out, is your ability to combine portraiture/emotion and fine arts photography (nature in particular) and make harmony in a picture. You show the simplest things in the most beautiful way. There is always a clear focus in the picture, not always in a physical way, but emotional, your eye is draw straight to the point of the picture. Your pictures show pure natural emotion and beauty.
-Amy & Ben, Married 2013









“Rob and Angela, we want to thank you for sharing your creativity, your expertise, your easygoing personalities and your gift for photography. You have created something meaningful, something to remember and something beautiful. You provide family treasures and we are so proud of the work you’ve done. Your prices have been so reasonable. You offer extremely high quality at a low price.”
-Sandy O’Brien, Family Client













“We had a fantastic fall photo shoot with Angela and Rob from Clifford Photography. I couldn’t believe we had so much fun having pictures taken! These were our first family pictures, our one year-old’s first professional pictures, and we even got to shoot some sweet photos to reveal the big news that we were expecting Baby #2. Rob and Angela met us at a location we chose, and we loved being able to document our family in a comfortable, familiar environment. We greatly appreciated Angela and Rob’s professionalism, their guidance in poses (we’re not models) and aptitude for candids. Also indispensable was their flexibility and friendliness with our little guy. Some of my favorite pictures are those of our son in motion, joyfully unconcerned, with the camera quietly following his movement. Thanks, Clifford Photography, for some beautiful photos and a totally positive experience!”
-Andy & Susanna, Family Client










“Clifford Photography is absolutely AMAZING!!! Angela and Rob were so easy to work with and went above and beyond in accommodating our needs and wants. Their availability and communication throughout the entire wedding process from start to finish made our experience so enjoyable and stress free!! Our wedding pictures blew our expectations away, we were more than pleased with every single shot that was taken. Angela and Rob brought a calm and easy going approach to an otherwise, sometimes stressful aspect in wedding planning, that we very much appreciated. What stood out to me about Clifford Photography was they were totally genuine and you can see the passion they have for their work and each other. I think they are ahead of the game because they are married so they themselves have gone through the wedding process. They are up with the times and what is current. They also have knowledge in other areas of photography such as landscapes, portraits, candid and nature to name a few. They capture your beautiful moments as a couple but as an added bonus pull from all of these other elements, making it not just a photo but a true work of art! We highly recommend using Clifford Photography for all your occasions. They were a true pleasure to work with and not only did they give us the incredible gift of wedding moments and memories captured for years to come, but we also feel as if we made a lasting friendship with them as well! Thank you again!
-Jennie & Matt, Married  2013










Three words I would use to describe Clifford Photography: phenomenal, caring and patient. One of my favorite candids is my stepdaughter blowing me a kiss because it captured true emotion in the photograph and it is something I never would have known she had done, had you not captured it. It is very special to me. What makes you stand out is how you care about the person not just the photographs. Many photographers can take great photos, but you were truly concerned with capturing the types of photos that spoke to who we are. You were both very kind and made me feel at ease even during the chaotic moments.
-Maia & Patrick, Married 2014









Working with you was very relaxing. We didn’t feel pressured and you asked a lot of questions to get the big picture we wanted. Aside from our posed photos, we didn’t even know you were taking our photos and we didn’t feel like you were up in our faces. My favorite part of the day was the First Look. It was so intimate and personal that it made all the rushing of the day and craziness, not as stressful, because we had a special moment before the madness to enjoy each other.
-Courtney & Joe, Married 2014
Courtney & JoeBuch-272Courtney & JoeCourtney & JoeCourtney & Joe






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