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By Clifford Photography

Do you see it? The light. The tone. The color. The composition. The background. The foreground. The focal point. The details. The mood. The style.  Photos have many different components that make them unique & special. Just like each couple is unique & special. ♥  There needs to be something more to the image than just what is there. Each image needs to present a feeling of emotion that reaches right into one’s visual core and instantly draws one in. This passionate aspect of photography is extremely important with portraits. As photographers, Rob & Angela achieve their artistic imagery by working very hard at seeing the pictures before they are taken. Thoughtfully composing beautiful images that look and feel very natural. Take a look around Clifford Photography and you will see all of these elements and aspects of photography pouring out in a way that shows we love people, and we love photography.

Love People. Love Photography.




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