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At our own wedding, finding a photographer was one of our top priorities. For us, capturing every moment and remembering our day through pictures was extremely important. There are no second chances with your day to take those photos… it happens live and without re-takes, and goes by in a flash… your wedding day will fly by and you will remember bits and pieces of it, the funny moments, how nervous and excited you felt, seeing each other for the first time, and hearing the sound of the swish from your wedding dress. The wedding photographer has to be there for all of it.

We wanted a photographer that had great experience, photos we liked, and someone we could trust, whose talent would show up in every image and every emotion & expression. Choosing a wedding photographer can be a little daunting with the variety of choices out there. For us, it really boiled down to trusting them to capture our precious memories. We found that trust through fellow friends and relationships with them. Another key ingredient for us was a second photographer included in our package – to capture those candid moments with guests that a single photographer might be challenged with. We were very pleased with the results and appreciated all the effort it took to shoot an entire wedding.

We believe similarly with our wedding photography services, that you will instantly fall in love with the photos and wonder how we did what we did. It’s hard to absorb all that happens on such an important and busy day, that’s why we are there for you! We help you stay relaxed, on time, have fun, and give direction when needed.  Not sure how to pose? We direct you through the process, without making you feel uncomfortable or awkward. You will be surprised how easy it is to work with us and you will leave feeling confident in the moments we captured. Clients often tell us how great it felt to relive their wedding day all over again, through our photos. We often hear that the emotion brings back those tears of joy and happiness. There is also no greater compliment for us than when clients refer you to us, and we do a majority of our business through referrals. It’s not always how you’ve found us, but we want you to know that when you choose Clifford Photography, you choose a best friend, that can professionally record your day!

Photo by: Natalie Parys Photography

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